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As I attempted to make a post, this auto-saved draft came up ... pretty sure its from the spring or early summer of 2010.  There was the beginning of another uncompleted story that I've removed, but this part is kind of funny.  (On a related note, the same co-worker, when responding to a helpdesk ticket recently, actually wrote out "B as in banana ... " etc .... maybe he was suddenly worried the client was using text-to-speech to read the ticket?).

I have a co-worker (lets call him Bob), who can say (and type) some of the funniest things (lets call them Bobisms).  On Tuesday, I was in the boss's office in our NJ facility, and Bob was on speaker-phone.  It had been a rough day, and the boss looked to me like he might just collapse at any point.

Anyway, Be began reading out a part number ... "P as in Peter, T as in Tom, X as in Zebra ...." .... and I nearly died from trying to keep my laughter in.  The boss quickly came up with some excuse to hang up, and a good few minutes were spent laughing.  Its definitely one of those things where you had to be there to enjoy the full humor of it ... it was also definitely the high-light of the day.



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